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Microsoft Rights Management Client Fix Information

Jen si sem dám odkaz na zajimavý dokument.


A pro jistotu obsah článku, kdyby "zmizel":

With the recent Windows 8 RTM I wanted to pull together a list of IRM related fixes. These are fixes for both the client and applications that utilize this functionality, primarily Office.

Here are some notes about this information.
  • This is not a complete list. I may have missed some. However these are the fixes I encounter in my life as an RMS support person.
  • The list assumes the latest service pack version is installed on the OS. I am not going to call out any fixes for Windows 7 RTM or Windows XP SP2, and etc.
  • Earlier this year the v2 rights management client  was released. I'll refer to the v1 client as MSDRM and v2 as MSIPC.
  • Latest MSIPC Client version: Active Directory Rights Management Service Client 2.1  . If running the MSIPC client updated versions should come as a recommended update from Windows Update:

OS Version

Rights Management (RM) Client

RM Client Fixes

Windows XP
v1 SP2 client install required (MSDRM)
Windows Vista
Included in OS (MSDRM)
Windows 7
Included in OS (MSDRM)
Windows 8
Included in OS (MSDRM)

Office Version

Rights Management (RM) Client

Office Fixes

Office 2013 adds the MSIPC client on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. There is no separate install needed and there are no fixes needed.

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