čtvrtek 5. listopadu 2015

DELL EqualLogic diskové pole

Při vytváření oddílů (VOLUME) z přiděleného prostoru (POOL) je vhodné zanechat minimálně 5% volného místa.


Volné místo je potřebné pro správnou činnost systému:

  • snímky (SNAPSHOT)
  • replikace
  • vyvažování zátěže (load balancing)
  • "slibování místa" ... (thin provisioning)

... a zde je plný text:

It is recommended that you maintain at lease 5% free space.
Free space is needed by the system for proper operation including:
- snapshots
- replication
- load balancing
- thin provisioning

All of these features can operate in a group, regardless of whether it is a single member or multi-member group. The virtualization within the PS Series arrays needs this free space in order to allow new allocations (snaps, replication, thin provisioning) to occur in a high performance manner. Load balancing needs the space as load balancing is a background operation, due to performance reasons it may be slowed down or deferred in processing. It is important to not have the system run into space shortages due to the background nature of the processing (we need some cushion to do this).

The messages are there for that reason, with that said, our storage solutions provide our customers with the flexibility to allocate space as they see fit. Ultimately, the decision rests with the customer.

Note that all of our testing is done with a minimum of 5% free space, and we can't be sure that customers won't be risking exposure to undocumented behavior if they operate outside of our recommended parameters. It should also be noted these testing guidelines are also used when we develop our methods and tools for troubleshooting.

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