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SHA-256 kompatibility list

Vynikající článek od Globalsign.
SHA-256 je už vcelku aktuální.


SHA-2 is a set of cryptographic hash functions which includes SHA-224, SHA-256, and SHA-512. The 256 in SHA-256 represents the bit size of the hash output or digest when the hash function is performed. Not all software supports every digest size within the SHA-2 family. This article focuses specifically on SHA-256 and its compatibility with various software platforms and operating systems. As a general rule, SHA-256 is supported on OS X 10.5+ and Windows XP SP3+.

Read our Hash Functions article for a better understanding of how they work and how they are used to validate certificates and documents.

For GlobalSign’s policy on SHA-256 issuance as well as important dates set by Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla, please read the SHA-256 Rollout article.

To purchase a trusted SHA-256 certificate, contact a GlobalSign representative. 


  1. OS, Browser, and Server Support
  2. Firewall Support
  3. Toolkits, Libraries, Frameworks, etc.
  4. Database Support
  5. Detailed Operating System Support
  6. E-Mail Clients
  7. Document Signing
  8. Windows Code Signing
  9. SafeNet iKey / eToken Compatibility
  10. Mainframe
  11. Citrix Support
  12. Services

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